Beef braised with ginger

Beef is considered one of the richest protein foods. It is a nutritious food that helps to increase muscle mass, increase height, but also very delicious. Winter is coming, hot warehouse dishes will make family meals more cozy than ever. In the beef stock, there must be the famous beef stewed ginger. So today, Food Net will introduce you to the best braised beef cooking that Food Net has learned.

Beef: 500 grams (choose corn or flank meat).
Cow bones: 1k
Ginger: 1 small branch about 50 grams
Purple onion: 1 bulb Essential spices: fish sauce, seasoning seeds, pepper, water color, cooking oil, salt ..

Step 1: After buying beef, wash it, slice it into square pieces, then marinate it in half a teaspoon of salt, let it sit for 30 minutes for the meat to infuse spices. Beef bone cooked with 500ml of water for fresh water. Ginger scraps off, rinses and shreds. Peeled purple onion slices.
Step 2: Put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in a hot pot, add the purple onion to the scent, when the onion is golden and fragrant, add the ginger and stir fry, when the ginger is soft, add all the beef, quickly stir. Cook the beef and ginger evenly.
Step 3: When the meat is just cooked, add the broth cooked from beef bones, season with fish sauce, sugar, seasoning powder and a little colored water. Continue to cook with a turret fire for about 1 hour, when you see tender meat that can be used to tear the meat, turn off the heat, sprinkle some more pepper. We can use the pressure cooker when stewing meat to save time and effort.

You should be careful when making ginger beef stock
- Beef should choose meat with bright red color, smooth dry grain, and freshness.
- Preliminary processing of beef so that when processing, it does not stink and cause.
Delicious stewed beef with ginger is hard to resist and bring in rice. Wish you all success.

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