Tiramisu cake making at home

Tiramisu is a very famous Italian coffee flavor dessert cake. Tiramisu cake is a harmonious combination of coffee, cocoa, and rhum wine, enriched with creamy flavors, cheese and eggs, bringing a gentle sweetness, slightly strong wine taste, so Tiramisu is popular with many people. all around the world. In each country, Tiramisu is processed in a different way, but still retains the delicious and unique flavor of the cake.

Ingredients for tiramisu cake
 480gr black coffee
120ml rum
 3 eggs
 70gr of sugar
 250gr mascarpone cheese
 Concentrated cream 300ml (fresh cream with added gelatin for thickening) (Light whipping required)
1 bag of champagne
 Cocoa powder

Tools to do:
Compound machine or egg typing
Beat the eggs
Composite Bat

How to make Tiramisu cake
1: Sting coffee and wine together, set aside.
2: Egg yolk and sugar in 1 large bowl when sparkling combination. Add mascarpone and thick cream until combined.
3: Egg whites in 1 other bowl when fluffy.
4: Dip the champagne cake in the coffee, the cake underneath and then lay 1/3 of the coating on the cake, repeat 3 times to form 3 layers of cake.
5: Cover whipped cream with whipped whipped cream on cakes, cocoa beans and put in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours before serving.

Remove the cake, decorate the cake by coating cocoa powder or chocolate on the cake surface. Enjoy the cake with whipped cream or milk.
So you have a soft, spongy Tiramisu cake, which has both the sweetness of the cream and the mild bitterness of cocoa, coffee, and the strong aroma of wine with the harmonious color between coffee brown and white powder. the cream is eye-catching. In particular, the recipe for making tiramisu is simple without using an oven but still creates delicious and delicious cakes. With this simple Tiramisu baking method, you can combine your favorite flavors to create a delicious Tiramisu cake with true Italian taste. Try making this cake to change the taste of your family's dessert.

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