Guide to making Vietnamese pancakes

Banh Xeo is a pure and familiar dish of Vietnamese people. The cake looks simple but this feat is very popular with international friends when visiting.

Ingredients for making pancakes
1 pack of pancake flour 250gram
300 grams of pork, can use bacon
500 ml of filtered water
300 grams of shrimp soil
200 grams of bean sprouts
Turmeric powder package comes with banh xeo package
Fish sauce, chili fruit
1/2 bowl of peeled green beans
Onions, scallions
Dried onion 5 bulbs
Mustard greens, herbs, basil.
Note, if you are vegetarian, you can remove the ingredients of shrimp and meat!

Mix sauce:
- Sauce mixed sweet and sour proportions: 5 water, 2 sugar, 1.5 fish sauce, 1 lemon juice and then add garlic, minced chili.

Pour pancakes:
- Mix the dough with a small teaspoon of salt, a cup of beer and water. Stir until a liquid, lump-free mixture is present. Drop green onions and green beans. Let the dough rest for about 20 minutes. Do not mix thick dough, making the crust thick, not crunchy, difficult to cook.
- Put one teaspoon of cooking oil in the non-stick pan, wait for the oil to boil. Pour 1 teaspoon of powder into the smoothie to make it very thin. Cover the pot for about 1 minute to ripen. Add raw shrimp and bean sprouts to the mixture. Fold the cake in half and wait until both sides are crispy.

- Take the cake to a plate, enjoy it hot. When eating pancakes in rice paper or broccoli, add raw vegetables, sweet and sour water.

Wish you delicious!

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