Egg rolls with vegetables

Lose fat fast with vegetable roll eggs, providing nutrition for the body while eating comfortably without fear of gaining weight because the main ingredient is boiled vegetables.

Eggs are always classified as a weight loss menu because eggs contain a lot of protein to help you quickly feel full, control food intake, 1 egg contains about 70 calories to help you eat without fear. weight gain. Combining eggs with vegetables to make a delicious weight loss dish is a great way for fat people, because in green vegetables contains a lot of fiber, vitamins that help promote digestion, fat absorption to be eliminated from the body. detoxifies and reduces fat accumulation. Let's join Fooddy Blog to prepare vegetable egg rolls.

Chicken eggs: 2
- Carrots: 1/2 bulb
- Potatoes: 1 bulb
- Purple sweet potato: 1/2 bulb
- Cucumber: 1/2 fruit
- Cove beans: some fruits
- Cooking oil, enough seasoning seeds

Make a vegetable roll egg dish:
Step 1: Break the eggs into a bowl, beat them, add a little seasoning to make it rich with some cooking oil so that when frying the eggs will be softer and more delicious.
Step 2: Clean vegetables, wash with water, then cut the lead into a small, boiled pot with a little salt, take out and drain.
Step 3: Put the pan on the stove to heat, add oil to heat, then fry the eggs. When the egg is wet, turn off the heat and place the vegetables on top of the egg and roll. Then turn on the frying stove a little more for the eggs to stick to the vegetables.
Step 4: Cut the eggs into circles that have just eaten, and serve up a beautifully decorated plate according to your needs.
Present the veggie rolled egg dish on an eye-catching plate, served with a bowl of sweet and sour sauce.

You can use it comfortably without fear of gaining weight, because the main ingredient of the egg roll is all boiled vegetables for very good fat loss.

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