This is the traditional way of presenting guacamole and it is very tasty, but at home we also eat it on toast, a good base of guacamole and a good sliced ​​Iberian ham


Half a small red onion

1 medium / small ripe tomato

2 medium / large avocados


Virgin olive oil

juice of 1/2 lime and if you don't have lemon (lime is always better)

A pinch of thyme

A pinch of cumin

Coriander seeds (if you don't have fresh, its concentrated flavor is amazing)

Nachos or toasted seed bread and 2 slices of a good Iberian Serrano ham


We peel the onion, wash the tomato, cut it into quarters and put it to cut in the mincer, I do not crush it with a blender since we like it with small pieces; then add the avocado and do the same.

Now we add the spices, the salt, the lime juice and the oil; as you see in the photo, it is in small quantity the spices. We shred

And we have this guacamole ready.


As I put in the entry of this recipe, we have the traditional way with nachos

Or with toast, a good layer of guacamole and chopped serrano ham

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